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Dear Community Members, Friends & Families

It is indeed a matter of great pride and pleasure to share with you that Nepalese Canadian Women’s Association (NCWA) celebrated the greatest festival of Our Grand   Teej Festival 2013, Toronto at  Patio Banquet Hall Toronto on Saturday, September 7 , 2013.

On behalf of the NCWA, we would like to extend our sincere thanks to the guest artist famous Singer Mrs. Meera Rana and Miss Shanti Bhandari , Mr. Anil Thapa President NRN Canada  Sponsors Mr Atul Subedi, Angbaru Sherpa ,Hem Thapa, Rajan Shrsetha , Durga Adhikari, Sonam Lankar, Rajesh Bhardwaj, Gopal Bhandari , and Mr. Ganesh Khatri for supporting us with the catering services, delicious food, and hall arrangement.

“Our Grand Teej Festival 2013 , Toronto ” was a major day of  celebration for the Nepalese women and families. It celebrates social achievements of women past, present and future even we are away from home. The challenge  is to make the women of the past proud, the women of current inspired, and the women of the future envisioned.  This was celebrated  with a goal to assist communities and organizations in creating an opportunity to reflect on, and celebrate women’s contributions and successes as we stand in solidarity and join in one voice for all women.

We would like to thank and congratulate the best group dancers:  Sony Shrestha,Kamala Thapa, Shandhya Poudel,, Sita Sangraula , Shanta Thapa , and couple dance winners: Babu Poudel and Rupa Poudel. We would also like to  thank group artists of Live Drama  Mr . Kishmat Bhandari , Hari Siwakoti, Sapna Gautam, Chanda Pun, Hasina Shrestha , Durga Adhikari, Uttam Makaju and Gopal Bhandari. Our sincere thanks goes to  best DJ Mr. Ishwar Thapa and Mr Hari Siwakoti also our best MC Mr.Ramkajee Moktan. Finally a hearty thanks to all those representatives from different organizations throughout the Nepalese community that came out and joined us. It’s great to know we can unite as one.

Many, many thanks to all the volunteers who enthusiastically volunteered their time to organize the event from the beginning to the end. Our sincere thanks also go to all well-wishers, community members, friends and families. Without your  support it would have been very hard to organize this  Event.

Finally, sincere thanks go to all the respected advisors and members of NCWA who have tirelessly worked to bring this event into it’s successful completion.

Special note: Raffle Ticket number winner is – 0269794.

Please contact Mr Gopal Bhandari @ 647 284 8129 and collect your prize thank you.