Pre-Diabetes Awareness Workshop .

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    The Nepalese Canadian Women’s Association (NCWA ) is organizing a Pre-Diabetes Awareness Workshop & cordially invites all of our seniors and all community members. This is a very, very, very important and wonderful workshop for every body. In this program we’ll have a RN (Registered Nurse), RD (registered dietician) , South Asian Diabetes Prevention program official team, medical data assistant. This is a three step workshop and will be organized on February 07 and once in the month of March and April 2015.

    The below is the program for the first step of this workshop to be held on Saturday, February 7

    PART 1: Pre-Diabetes Awareness Workshop .
    Duration: (40 minute workshop, 10 minutes questions and answers.)

    The Registered Dietitian and Nurse engage in an interactive, evidence-based, language-specific and culturally relevant workshop tailored specifically for the seniors and community members where pre-diabetes and diabetes prevention will be explained .

    Here participants are encouraged to join the discussion and bring their questions. They often share their beliefs around diabetes and in exchange learn how to debunk many common myths around diabetes in the South Asian communities. Finally, participants learn about what uniquely puts South Asians at risk, as well as helping them understand the difference between modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors.

    PART 2: Clinic
    Duration: (2 hours and 15 minutes for a group of 30-35 participants)

    Station 1 : Individual Risk Assessment
    Each participant meets an outreach worker who facilitates an initial risk-assessment using the SADPP screening tool. This is an evidence-based tool developed by the SADPP team that is tailored for the South Asian population. This talored tool also serves as a risk calculator and includes an in-depth questionnaire designed primarily to identify at risk of diabetes.

    Station 2: Body Measurements
    Participants individually visit the Registered Dietitian (RD) for one-on-one assessments. The RD measures the waist-circumference, height and weight, calculates the Body Mass Index (BMI) and assesses the physical activity level. Theses assesssments are described individually to each participant, especially around how they relate to pre-diabetes and diabetes risks.

    Station 3: Glucose Testing (Finger-Prick Test)
    Here the Registered Nurse (RN) reviews the assessment tool and administers a simple finger prick-test to test the blood sugar level with a glucometer – a test that is extremely important for both people at high risk of diabetes and those who have already been diagnosed.

    After the participant visit all three stations, the nurse can provide a comprehensive assessment and conclude whethere the participant is at -risk for prediabetes. At-risk patients are referred to the diabetes education services at no charge, while those patients without a family physician are provided resources to connect them to primary care. After the participants have attended the relevant clinic stations, they are each handed a copy of their assessment. They are encouraged to set two goals at least, from their risk-factors that would serve as their own individual road map for diabetes prevention.

    Token will be issued to those seniors who don’t have a daily pass for transportation.

    Light refreshments will be served after the program.

    Venue: St. James town community corner(200 Wellesley Street East)Toronto, On.
    Date: February 7, 2015 Saturday
    Time: 12.00PM -3.30 PM SHARP
    3 Basket Early Bird Prizes will be drawn!!

    On behalf of NCWA
    Sushila Bhandari