About NCWA

Nepalese Canadian Women’s Association (NCWA) is a nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of the Canadian Government.

The purpose of this Association is to support and conduct activities in Greater Toronto to increase communal awareness and to increase social interaction among Nepalese women; conduct activities for empowerment of Nepalese Women, and to increase the role played by the Nepalese Women in the community.

Though (NCWA) was officially established in 2012, Nepalese women from greater Toronto had been working for the community since a long time and continuously volunteer their time and effort to build a strong community.

The objects for which the corporation is incorporated are:-

  • Work for Nepalese community in Canada, especially mobilizing women force to the main stream, by conducting various programs.
  • Conducting various community activities to empower the women through advocacy and awareness programs, To educate the public and professional about prevention of, and response to, spousal abuse.
  • Uniting Nepalese community and bringing them together to educate new Nepalese community members integrating into the Canadian system;
  • Involving youth to participate to Nepalese community, reminding them of their Nepalese root; helping and preserving Nepalese culture and tradition;
  • All of the founding members are originally from Nepal
  • Nepalese Women can be seen and finally heard all over the world, their plight, their discrimination, their fight to establish equal footing like men in the society. Protesting discrimination, speaking out for their economic right, domestic violence, human trafficking and all other forms of discrimination against them. NCWA will work closely with other Organizations having same mission and purpose to fight for the injustice, fight for equality to opportunity.
  • NCWA will play vital role in changing women’s role in society and committed to build strong community with equal justice for all and bring women to decision making level.